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Notes from the Producer’s Corner

by Andrea Adams
April 1st, 2011

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but so much has happened that it’s been hard to catch a breath and sit down to write.  Those of us in Los Angeles (myself, Eric, John) flew to New York in February for our second phase of production and I think it went awesome.  For those of you who have worked in indie films, you know it’s hard to stop running around taking care of your to-do list for enough time to check on what’s actually being filmed.  It’s like being a parent – before you are able to take a look around, your kids are grown up and your job is done.  However, I sneakily managed to worm myself into the woodwork a few times and I can say that I am genuinely excited by the footage I was able to watch.  Without giving anything away (because I want you guys to see the film when it comes out), there are subjects and revelations that are going to rock the Amityville community – this, coming from someone like me, who as I’ve mentioned, was an Amityville amateur prior to becoming involved.

Despite the stress of cramming everything we needed to do in a short time span, our fantastic crew was in good spirits.  It was definitely great to put faces to the names and email addresses that I’d been communicating with from Los Angeles.  It was also really inspiring to see everyone come together and really work to pull it off, even though there were days when I’m sure everyone had a latent desire to strangle someone…namely, the day we had to do an entire company move and reset from Queens to Brooklyn, which we only found out about the day before. Many times we were even able to find humor in the stress, although the exhaustion most of us were dealing with may have had a great deal to do with that humor.

And now, it’s off to the races with post production.  We’ve got a ton of footage to sift through so thank God for our director’s vision – he knows what he wants and while that won’t make editing a walk in the park, it will certainly make it easier.  We’re also fine-tuning our press and publicity plan as well as our targeted festival entries.  We have pinpointed the festival we’d like to premiere My Amityville Horror at chosen now.  Can you guess which one?

Our idea had been to keep a pretty tight lid on everything until we felt really ready to promote My Amityville Horror, but a couple of sites got the jump on us (as you know if you follow the Twitter or Facebook feed).  However, it’s nice to know that people are interested and excited enough about our project that they’re posting about it.