Living with Amityville

by Eric Walter
November 15th, 2010

I first came in contact with Daniel Lutz in 2009. I had recently moved to Los Angeles and was busy developing a series of short subject films for potential festival exhibition. Needless to say, I put a halt on these projects after receiving the call.

In January of 2007, I launched AmityvilleFiles.com, the web’s largest archive of Amityville-related research. I wanted to create an unbiased presentation of the known facts and personalities surrounding the case – somewhere people who are interested in these events could go and read through the original newspaper articles, view media and essentially draw their own conclusions on what they believe went down in that house.

I believe my presentation of these events have helped me establish some important contacts with people, not only affiliated with the case, but in other professional settings as well. It was through this website that I first made contact with friends of Daniel Lutz, who suggested that I needed to speak with him.

I will say right off the bat, making this film has been more of a discovery process for me than anything. It has challenged my beliefs, my theories on the case and overall, has dramatically enhanced my view of the Lutzes’ story.

Based on George and Kathy’s testimony, I have always had a feeling they were sincere in their claims, despite their story being so fantastic. Putting it simply, I believe that they believed their experiences were real. As for whether or not it actually took place, none of us can say for sure.

It is my belief that the media has had more of a hand in misconstruing the Lutzes’ story than anything they themselves have ever said or done. As for the countless individuals who have come out of the woodwork in recent years, proclaiming to have evidence that may persuade someone to believe otherwise, I’m still waiting to see something concrete. The problem with this is – they’ll never be able to present any evidence that proves anything one way or another.

As for Daniel’s testimony and others surrounding the Lutz family I have consulted with, my opinion remains the same. For them, this was a very real and tragic incident that left an indelible scar on each of their lives – each in different ways, something that this film will explore.

In August of 2009, I conducted over ten hours of audio interviews with Danny, mostly allowing him to speak openly about what he remembers happening, not only in the house, but afterward as well. Many of these raw interviews are being utilized within the film itself.

Whether you believe in the Lutzes’ claims or not, I encourage each of you to watch and listen to his words as we begin to unveil a series of clips over the next year leading up to the film’s world premiere and festival exhibition.

This film is not an attempt to persuade or prove any one side. It’s a portrait of a man who has been literally indoctrinated into these events – and how he copes. I don’t want to speak for him, but I get the sense that this is Daniel Lutz’s attempt to set the record straight not only for this friends and family, but also for himself.

With everything that I’ve collected and am still working on, I can promise you this film will be unlike anything else produced on the subject.

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