Press Release: My Amityville Horror

by Eric Walter
April 6th, 2010

LOS ANGELES, April 6, 2010 – Film Regions International, Inc. and Lost Witness Pictures, LLC are proud to announce their documentary film debut, My Amityville Horror. The picture is intended for a 2012 film festival release.

The terrifying events recounted in the book and subsequent film, The Amityville Horror, were not the whole story. For 35 years, the complete picture was kept from the public and the one person who never chose to speak has finally been given a voice.

Daniel Lutz, the eldest son of George and Kathleen Lutz, infamous former owners of the house in Amityville, will provide an exclusive first hand account of the 28 life-altering days he spent at 112 Ocean Avenue. Was the Amityville house truly haunted? If so, what really happened? Why have none of the Lutz children been vocal about their experiences until now?

My Amityville Horror includes a personal look at Lutz’s own life; his reflections on how his parents dealt with the exposure and the media-frenzy that befell them; and, how both experiences have affected his life since.

Media Contact:

Eric Walter
Lost Witness Pictures, LLC

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  • Christopher John Quaratino

    **shakes head … silently**

  • Marty Frent

    This sounds awesome. I have been a fan of the book and movie for the last 30 years. I was 10 when I watched the movie….I am not into any clubs, websites, etc on supernatural things. I have just been completely interested in the story and for years re-read the book and movie wondering what was real and what was not. When can we expect to see this film? Cant wait to buy a copy. Marty Frent. Perry, Michigan.

  • mike leskela

    WOW.Mr. Lutz junior is finally going public about his experiences at the house.I wonder what he”s got to say about it .Ought to be interesting.I personally dont beleive the house is haunted anymore now,me being a beleiver in the paranormal.There are more places here in Seattle that are more haunted than 108 Ocean Ave,I think.Like Kurt Cobains house where he supposedly committed suicide.Ive felt some weird things in that house when I visited there a few weeks back.I am a big fan of 108 ocean ave and am looking forward to seeing the shattered hopes docomentary as well.

  • Tdoesntmatter

    I am so very interested to hear the story from someone other than George and Kathy. I have been fascinated and confused by the Amityville occurrence since I was a young child of 7. Yeah, saw the movie that young. Blame my parents!

  • Lashay_yingling

    this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Americo

    Am I going to have an opportunity toi buy a copy, or what?