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EURO PREMIERE: BFI London Film Festival

by Eric Walter
September 5th, 2012

We are thrilled to announce the EUROPEAN PREMIERE of MY AMITYVILLE HORROR at the 56th Annual BFI London Film Festival  – October 10-21, 2012! Click on the  link below link for screening dates, times and information on this year’s incredible showcase of films!


The Demonologist of Connecticut

by Marlon Wallace
June 10th, 2011

We were to visit Lorraine Warren and the Occult Museum built inside her Connecticut home. The only thing that I knew about Mrs. Warren was what the film’s director, Eric Walter, wrote in his documentary’s proposal. According to Eric and the proposal, Lorraine Warren is a “light trance medium and demonologist who investigated the Amityville house in 1976.”

It was Walter’s intention to have Danny Lutz, the subject of his film, revisit many of the key players in that Amityville investigation in order to give Lutz an opportunity to compare and contrast their experiences with his own. The previous morning had Lutz doing this with Laura DiDio, the Channel 5 news assistant who did an immense amount of investigation work on Amityville.

DiDio was actually going to be visiting the Warren residence as well, acting as moderator for Lutz and Warren’s discussion. As I waited in the hotel lobby, I was really waiting for DiDio. I was to be her companion during the hour or so car ride from our hotel in Queens to the Warren’s residence in Connecticut.

During the July 2010 filming, DiDio had talked about a “psychic slumber party,” a sort of séance held at the Amityville house, which included DiDio, Lorraine Warren and her late husband Ed, among others. What DiDio said of the Connecticut medium in July certainly didn’t prepare me for what I’d encounter when I actually met Warren.